Marketing and Procrastination: Guilty?

Marketing and procrastination? Two words which unfortunately go together far too often!

Now, be honest with yourself – how much do you or have you been procrastinating when it comes to marketing your consulting or coaching business? Let’s explore this more.

Why We Procrastinate 

So many things come up for people which relate to why they ‘can’t’ get on with marketing their product or service; and here are two classics.  

1. Time. I wish we had more hours in a day.  We dont. We have 24. So we need to think about how we use and invest our time. 

2. Overwhelm. Lets face it: marketing is a massive topic. There are so many things that you can do; what works in your sector, where should you start? And many more questions like this that can lead to overwhelm. 

So let me take time first because we cant escape it and it is often the ‘biggest’ reason people give for not moving into action.

Finding the Time 

There are literally just 24 hours in a day. And yet so many of us spend half our time talking about how busy, busy, busy, busy we are.  

Now, having spent thousands of pounds and dollars over the years, if not tens of thousands, on lots of different mentoring programmes, I know I can no longer get away with using time as an excuse!  For me, its about knuckling down and doing the work.  

The question that I ask myself when I hear that voice coming up which says I havent got time I say to myself, How important is this to how we are going to move our business forward?. And if this is important, its about making the time.  

I hear people talk about, Well, Im not going to start my marketing until Ive got more time, or Ive done this, or Ive done that. And yet theyre struggling to do those other things because they havent got time. 

So what I would say to you is when youre sat down, probably at night, and that thing pops up on Facebook that tells you how long every day you are doing some casual surfing, often for many people, certainly, in the kind of circle that were in, it can be anything from an hour to two hours.  

Well, over a week, even if we just take Monday to Friday, that is between 5 and 10 hours. What if you committed yourself to either 30 minutes or a maximum of an hour of surfing time? That gives you five hours potentially a week back to using and investing time in moving your marketing forward.  

So have a think about how you are investing time, and how can you make different choices around a good investment of your time versus what somebody else could be doing for you so that you can work on your marketing?  

Taking  Deliberate Action  

Now, the second thing is the big topic of overwhelm, and this applies to people perhaps whove never implemented marketing before, and yet youve been doing lots of research about what you could be doing, and you just dont know, genuinely, where to start.  

And so youre looking for some help to just point you in the right direction. And you could be somebody whos been implementing some different marketing activities. 

Youre not very happy with it. Its not been working how you want. Youre not quite sure what to do next.  

So again, theres that overwhelm feeling.  

And so what do you do? You procrastinate because you dont know where to start.  

Well, rather than procrastinating, take some action.  

Talk to somebody, somebody like ourselves. Have a conversation with us about where should you start.  


So, how guilty are you of procrastinating?

How much are you spending time surfing socially when you could be investing time in marketing? 

And dont be overwhelmed. Take action 

See you next time.



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