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Becoming An Alchemist: A Short Explanation

Alchemy? It has always been a word which holds a fascination for us both.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want some magical input into their business and life, transmuting metal into gold – metaphorically speaking.

There is always some level of magic in the air when we work with our mind to harness our thoughts’ power to create the life we want, alongside some practical marketing and sales strategies, of course!

When you work with us, this is what’s in store for you; more on that in a second.

The truth is it took a few years for us to gain this particular insight when it came to starting our own business.

Let me explain.

The best place to start is giving a quick explanation of our back story and why it’s important for you.

Picture the scene.

Two high performing corporate girls at the top of their game, same industry, different companies.

One recognised as one of the top business directors in Europe and the other the highest performing saleswoman and leadership coach in her company in the UK.

We were successful and yet becoming continually frustrated, wondering if that was all there was to work and life?

Something snapped.

Next, a few unplanned thoughts and decisions led to resignations, the purchase of various random domain names, and a new business was born.

At the time, it wasn’t considered normal behaviour for two forty somethings to leave a well-paid corporate senior role to start a business they could not even articulate.

That was over fifteen years ago and times have changed. 

Now more people than ever are launching their own ventures as they go through mid-life realisations about the reason why they are here and what they want.

Warning: Our personal business journey has had a few iterations and it’s likely yours will too.

Time, experience, focus, and learning are all great teachers.

The combination of everything we experienced helped us launch and run our own successful consultancy on our terms.

Our personal alchemists formula has resulted in our ability to build a multiple six figure business while living the lifestyle we want.

Is that something you want too?

If the answer is yes, then let’s have a conversation.

How Our Matching Skill Set Works

If you are reading this page, I suspect you are considering
getting support to grow your consulting or coaching business?

Smart move: we would not be where we are today without the
advice of multiple mentors and coaches.

When it comes to choosing who to work with, there are a few
things to consider and a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Can they provide a solution to my current problems and those
    that will pop up which I don’t even know about yet?
  • Do they have the skill sets I want to tap into?
  • Have they got a track record?
  • Can I get on with them?

The answer is yes on the first three, and because we have gone
through the same journey as you we can predict where you will want help before you do.

Here is something else that makes us unique: we have different skills sets.

Denise is the marketing alchemist. She has designed and written hundreds of campaigns; you are likely reading this page because of one

Sharon is a sales and leadership coach and designer and deliverer of
multiple training events worldwide for household names everyone will recognise.

Will we get along? So critical in a relationship like this.

If you have been reading our content, listening to our podcasts and videos, and opening our emails, the answer will likely be a yes, 
though you won’t know until we jump on a call together.

What Is Involved In Working With You?

It starts with a conversation where we ask ourselves several questions too.

I know it sounds a clich√©, and we do not work with everyone. We have other businesses which require our time, and as you’ll learn, we go all in working with you. We are hands-on.

You will get the attention you need to move forward and shift your results and revenue; all you have to do is show up, follow the instructions, and do the work.

You will get online training, templates, email copy, coaching and consulting and access to our private supplier network who we have been working with for years.

Book a call, and let’s see if we are a fit and a match to work together?

Speak soon.