About Us

Denise Oyston and Sharon Newey are the founders of Consulting Alchemy; here is a bit of background in their own words…

The birth of your business is something none of us forgets. We both remember the day well when we separately came to the decision that  it was time for a change; one involved a red Audi TT with burning tyres, and the other a conversation and an innocent question that went along the lines of “can you see yourself doing that for the next twenty years, Denise?”.

As they say, the rest is history.

These events heralded the decision to leave the protected world of our corporate roles as sales and marketing directors and put all the knowledge we had gained to good use; for ourselves and the people we worked with.

A couple of iterations later and our first company, Superfast Recruitment was born. As the business grew we decided it was time to expand our reach and support our fellow consultants and coaches.

We have a special connection with the consulting and coaching sector; after all, we have been working in this sector ourselves for years.

While it’s useful to know more about us, this website is about you. If you are a driven consultant or coach ready to scale, look around and then get in touch; we want to work with you.

Sharon Newey